Company website is a platform for website building and company image propaganda on the Internet, the equivalent of a corporate network card. Internet real meaning lies in its rich content, the flag has the ability to communicate is a network company has its own independent website.
In general, companies create their own web site, is unlikely to immediately bring new customers, new business, but also greatly enhance the business performance is unlikely immediately. More similar to the role of corporate websites made to promote its business and the company's own brand advertising in newspapers and on television. The difference is that a larger corporate site capacity, companies can take almost any customers and the public want to know the content into the site. In addition, relatively speaking, the establishment of corporate Web site other than the cost of advertising to be much lower. Enterprise website annual cost of only 3 to 40,000, such as corporate advertising in newspapers, half a page, a few days will cost hundreds of thousands. Of course, websites and advertising are two different modes of publicity, each with a different role, more between them are complementary, not mutually exclusive. As companies have their own web site, you should try this URL Available in a variety of advertising, and the specific nature of the content into URL.
Network communication
In China, people on the Internet often have the misconception that e-mail is the Internet. We have seen many companies, e-mail address as a URL, and printed on the card. In fact, the Internet e-mail is just one of the most common and one of the most simple functions. The true meaning of the Internet lies in its rich content, almost all-encompassing. For an enterprise, its ability to communicate with a network logo is an independent company with its own website, rather than e-mail.
Introduction Products
A basic function of the company web site, is to a comprehensive, detailed description of the company and its products. In fact, any company can put things into the wanted people to know the URL, such as company profile, the company's factories, production facilities, research institutions, product appearance, function and method of use, etc., can show online.
To achieve functional
You can achieve for your business e-commerce functionality on the site. You can publish on the website:
A real-time news publishing system: online WEB publishing company news and a variety of industry news, dynamics;
B online download system: including online management, online publishing;
C electronic mall system: the Internet can open your own shop at home;
D Message boards, online surveys, recruitment system, mailing lists, BBS forum.
Keep in touch with customers
In the United States, when people want to know what a company's new products, new services, or old products and services have any change, even just want to know what the company's news, they habitually enter the company's Web site. Because foreign companies are accustomed to all the new products and services information dissemination on the Internet and regularly posted online messages about the company. Chinese companies between the client and is not yet accustomed to this contact, while Chinese enterprises site content generally longer intervals is updated once. But as more and more companies in the online publishing products and information, this situation will change significantly. After all, there have been more and more companies have network capabilities, and gradually accustomed to communicate with the network.
Establishing business connections
This is one of the most important functions of the enterprise web site, is also why so many foreign enterprises attach great importance to the root cause of the construction of the site. The world's big buyers are mainly using the Internet to find new products and new suppliers, because the cost is the lowest, the highest efficiency. In principle, people anywhere in the world, as long as the company's Web site, you can see the company's products. Therefore, the key is how to promote the company's Web site. A very useful and effective method is the company's Web site is registered in the global famous search engines (such as Yahoo, excite, Altavista, etc), and with the company's products and services related to the keyword, you can make potential customers can easily find the company and products. This is a common practice in the international business, and is proved to be very effective in practice.
Reduce the cost of communication
For many enterprises, the annual communication costs, especially related to the import and export of communication costs, is a huge cost. Using the company web site provides a plurality of electronic mail, can effectively reduce the communication cost, which is enterprise website of a very practical benefits (using e-mail communications costs only for local telephone costs).
Get feedback from customers
Customers generally do not take the initiative to feedback to the company. Such as company in website design, specially for the customers and the company contact email and electronic form, because it is extremely convenient to use, relatively, the general customers or more willing to use this way to contact with the company. Therefore, the company can get a lot of customer comments and suggestions.